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     1229 N Sierra Vista Ave.
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     Off Olive in between Maple and Chestnut.
     (559) 905-7125

    Very affordable prices.

Our hours are
M-F 4pm - 8pm
Sat & Sun Closed


Adult members times, Open gym

No contracts!

KID MEMBERS 6 – 16            
Kid Times
M-W-F 4pm or 6pm


(extra or replacement hand wraps $10, Quick Wraps $15 & GEL glove wraps $20) 

I am the trainer and owner, I have 28 years of boxing experience.
There are no classes you have to rush to make, when you get here is when you start.  
I have a boxing workout that did me well in my boxing days and now does my boxers and members good.  
It last about 1 1/2 - 2 hours.  

or call Frank Aleman @ 559-905-7125 if you have any questions

A place for kids to come and join a amateur boxing program that competes regularly.
All it takes is a membership in our gym and $80 annual fee to get you registered with USA Boxing, a doctors physical, a birth certificate and two wallet size photos.

We are working on our 8th year of business.
We opened in January 2008 and it only took three short years for Aleman Boxing Fresno to become the most accomplished gym in Fresno History and we continue to be still.

Dec. 20, 2012

Hello, my name is Frank Aleman. I am the president and volunteer coach of Aleman Boxing Fresno’s amateur boxing club.  Since 1987, I have been involved in amateur and pro boxing. No longer a boxer myself, my choice was to work with underprivileged and at risk youth of Central California.  In 2008 I started out on my own and built a youth based amateur boxing club and boxing gym. What was born was Aleman Boxing Fresno: Boxing Club and Fitness Center(ABF).  We are located in Southeast Fresno, CA. We are registered as part of the Central California Association of the United States Amateur Boxing Inc.

The reason for opening this club was to give kids and young adults a place to really learn the sport of boxing where they didn’t have to pay much money.  We are also open to those just looking to get in shape doing a fun and different kind of workout then they would get anywhere else. People also join our gym to learn self defense, get self confidence and to get closer with there children when they join together.

After almost five years of being open the Aleman Boxing Fresno has become the most nationally successful amateur boxing club in the history of Fresno.

I am still looking for a major sponsor of our club and hoping to get the community behind me to support this effort in giving kids a positive outlook in life through boxing and looking for the next great champion!

Amateur boxing is the same as Olympic boxing. Amateur clubs like this one are where the next United States Olympians are chosen from.  The ages of boxers able to compete are 8 years to 34 years old.  Safety of all the boxers is the most important thing in amateur boxing. Headgear is worn in every match and the gloves are padded more than those of the pros.  Amateur boxing teaches discipline, courage and honor. Unlike high school sports which are seasonal and funded by the state, amateur boxing survives solely through the generosity of business and people like you. We receive no city or state funding.

Amateur boxing is a yearlong sport. Throughout California, weekly matches are made and we travel to these bouts, taking kids from our club. We offer this to our kids totally free of charge: the travels to cities up and down California, Nevada, Missouri, Utah, Colorado and Arizona.

We have been open now going on five years and in that time of competing, 2008-2012, members of our club have been in action all over the country, including major tournaments like the US National Championships in Colorado Springs, CO, the National Golden Gloves in Salt Lake City, UT, the National Jr. Olympics in Mobile, AL, the Police Athletic League (PAL) National Championships in Oxnard, CA, the National Jr Golden Gloves in Mesquite, NV, the International Desert Showdown in Indio, CA and the National Silver Gloves in Kansas City, KS.

In 2009 we had our first national champion. It was not only our first champion as a club, but Fresno’s first National Champion ever in the Silver Gloves tournament. Gary Salazar won the 112lb Silver Gloves National Championship in the 12-13 year old division and then he did it all over in 2010 repeating as the Silver Gloves National Champion, this time in the14-15 year old, 112lbs division. Then in 2010, Gary Salazar became Fresno’s first boy ever to win the National USA Boxing Jr Olympic Gold Medal. In 2009 we had a young man named Mikey Ruiz finish second at the National Golden Gloves Championship, the furthest any Fresnan had ever gotten in that tournament. Mikey also earned a bronze medal at the US Men’s National tournament in Denver, CO.  Then Mikey was chosen to represent the United States in a European tour of our US Boxing Team.  In many other tournaments we have won several other awards including: Golden Gloves CCA, Region 11 & State Championship, Jr. Olympic CCA, Region 11 and National Champion, PAL State champions, a Bronze and Silver medal at the PAL National Championships, Silver Gloves CCA, State, US Western Regional and National Titles.

A list of amateur boxers that have trained here includes many kids, teens and young adults. To name a few and who they are: Gary Salazar, Mikey Ruiz, Jorge Ruiz, Osmel Avila and Jett Blackwell.

Conrad Rendon, 16, is now competing at the national level.  In 2012 Conrad advanced to the USA National Jr Olympic Championships in Mobile, AL.  He did so by winning the Central California Jr Olympics and the Region 11 Jr Olympics.  As we close 2012, Conrad is ranked nuber eight in the United States.

Rene Aleman, 15, was not of age in 2012 to advance to the nationals in the 13-14 year old division, but Rene also was the CCA and Region 11 Jr Olympic Champion.  We are excited to see what he does in 2013.

Jorge Ruiz, 11, is now competing with us and improving everyday. With 49 bouts under his wing he has been the crowd favorite at every show he has competed in. Recently he won a 2012 International Desert Showdown Challenge Championships in Indio, CA over the summer.  In 2009, in Coachella, CA at the International Desert Showdown, he came away with the Championship belt for eight year olds and in 2010 Jorge won the State Silver Gloves Championship.

Osmel Avila, just turned 11 years old and is competing in every show he can. Boxing in the 90 lbs division Osmel has 49 matches.  He has won the Central California Silver Gloves as a 8-9 year old and 10-11 year old. 

Maria Ruiz, 10, was the winner of a weeklong tournament held in the desert of California in Indio this summer.  Maria won the International Desert Showdown in the 9-10 year old 65 pound division.  

Many times families join our gym with other goals in mind besides boxing.  We have many wonderful results in the fitness area.  Donaldo Berber started at the beginning of 2012 when he was 17 at 270 pounds.  He joined the gym with his little brother and workout everyday for ten months he lost over 60 pounds.  Donaldo did end up boxing in the heavyweight division weighing 205 pounds in November at our year end show.  

We also have a family of three, the Perez’.  Carlos the dad, Carlos Jr 10 years old and Daniel 14 years old that started the gym to have a family activity to do together and get fit.  Daniel was the first to start competing after he lost about 15 pounds and was the busiest boxer of our gym this year with 19 matches.  Carlos Jr who also lost about 15 pounds was next to compete and then dad.  Carlos Sr lost 30 pounds and boxed on the same card as his son in July. 

Luis Villagomez is a name you should be hearing a lot of in the near future.  Villagomez made his professional debut in May and had his second pro fight in August in Fresno.  Undefeated Luis Villagomez is our only professional fighter right now, but as the kids that we have developed through the years we look forward to building that stable. 

For the most, our group of kids now competing is in the range of 8-15 year old. Our kids are in need of a new uniforms and equipment, including but not limited to: jump ropes, medicine balls, gloves, hand wrapping gauze and running and boxing shoes. We also very badly need money for gas and food on travels. We hope for funding from the community.

Sponsoring Aleman boxing Fresno is a wonderful way to show that you support the youth in our community. Aleman Boxing Fresno seeks to inspire all young people, especially the disadvantaged, to realize their full potential as productive citizens. An investment in Aleman Boxing Fresno is not only an investment in our youth, but also an investment in our community.

Let me share with you some success stories of the some boxers I’ve trained with in the past; As kids we trained together in the small Holmes Playground boxing gym, but as professionals these three boxers rose above us all:

Jesse Magana
started out training at Holmes Playground with me as an amateur boxer. As a pro, he went on to win the NABO Featherweight title and fought for the World Jr. Featherweight Championship against Marco Antonio Barrera on HBO September14, 1996. He is now also coaching boxing.

Ray Lovato won the US National Amateur Boxing Championships in 1989 and as a professional fought for the World Welterweight Title against Felix Trinidad on September 7, 1996. In1994 he knocked out Roger Mayweather, former world champion and trainer/uncle of Floyd Mayweather, live on ESPN. Ray also was a sparring partner for Oscar De La Hoya.

Hector Lizarraga, of course, is the most successful boxer I trained with. Hector won the World Featherweight Championship by beating Welcome Ncita of South Africa on December 13, 1997. Many times I remember him telling me, “Never in my wildest dreams, did I think me, a poor kid from the ghetto, would ever be able to travel to places like South Africa.” It was boxing that enabled him to do things that were beyond his own imagination.  Hector is now a police officer in Imperial, CA and was helping out here at Aleman Boxing Fresno as a coach with the kids before he moved.  Lizarraga continues to come to shows with his IBF Championship belt to talk with kids at the shows we put on.  Lizarraga is now opening the Imperial PAL Boxing Gym.

Like many kids growing up today, these things are possible through hard work and a little help in the beginning from people like you. Aleman Boxing Fresno will continue to help make a difference in the lives of children in the valley. However, continued funding is essential to help us achieve these goals.

Sponsors will get to put banners, fliers, logos on different equipment in the gym and logos on our ring mat, ropes and corner cushions are all available. We have been on many television news broadcast, numerous hits on YouTube and this can be good advertisement for your company. Aleman Boxing Fresno is located at 1229 Sierra Vista Ave., Fresno, CA 93703. Any questions you have can be answered by me, club president and coach, Frank Aleman at (559) 905-7125.

Thank you for your time in reading this proposal. In the upcoming pages are many of the things we have done since we have been open. Also included in this proposal are some DVD’s that shows some of the bouts our members have taken part in, a show we ourselves put on and many news pieces that have been on the air locally.

My contact information is below:
(559) 905-7125,
Aleman Boxing Fresno
1229 N Sierra Vista Ave,
Fresno, CA 93703

With grateful appreciation,

Frank Jesus Aleman,
President, Aleman Boxing Fresno


1229 N Sierra Vista Ave,
Fresno CA 93703
On Sierra Vista right off of Olive,
in between Chestnut and Maple

Easy when you exit Chestnut off the 180

Aleman Boxing Fresno comes home with two State Silver Gloves Champions 
South El Monte, CA - Aleman Boxing Fresno comes home with two State Silver Gloves Champions crowned in So. El Monte on Saturday. Jorge Ruiz won in the 8-9 year old 60 lbs division in a three round decision over Jalen Walker of Southern CA and Jett Blackwell won in the 8-9 110lbs division.Osmel Avila got a silver medal in the 8-9 70lbs losing a three round decision.
On Sunday Marc Anthony Castro of Calwa Boxing Club won the CA State Silver Gloves Championship winning both bouts needed on Saturday and Sunday in the 10-11 year old 75lbs division. He was so impressive to the officials he earned the Outstanding Boxer Award of the 10-11 year old division. Evan Sanchez of Parlier won both sat & sun to win the state championship in the 12-13 year old 80lbs division.Gary Salazar won both days to win the championship in the 14-15 119lbs division. Efren Lopez lost on Sunday and is now out of the tournament.The three winners on Sunday, will now advance to the US Western Regional Silver Gloves Championships in January in Long Beach.

Madera - Aleman Boxing Fresno's nine year old Osmel Avila won a three round decision over Madera's Braulio Jimenez in the 70lbs weight division at the First Annual Madtown Brawl amateur boxing show.
Aleman Boxing Fresno's 8-9 year olds Osmel Avila 70, Jorge Ruiz 60 and Jett Blackwell 110, will be representing Central California in El Monte next weekend at the State Silver Gloves Championships.

Fresno - Aleman Boxing Fresno came away with four victories today at the amateur boxing show Boxing in the Neighborhood held at there local gym in southeast Fresno.
With over 60 boxers in competition in 30 different matches, teams from all over California and Washington state were in action today. 
Aleman Boxers Kevin Mendoza 10 years old, 65 lbs, Osmel Avila 9 68, Maria Ruiz 8 50 & Jett Blackwell 9 108 were all victorious in bouts. 
ABF boxers Jorge Ruiz & Hilario Guerrero both lost close decisions. 
This was the fourth show presented by Aleman Boxing this year. Next year they plan on holding 5 shows including the US Mens Regional 11 Championships February 19th in Fresno with winners advancing to the US Nationals.

2010.11.14 Fresno Kickboxing Show

Bakersfield - Two boxers from the Aleman Boxing Fresno amateur team won the Central California Silver Gloves Championships and advanced to the State Championships December 4-5 in Long Beach, CA. Jorge Ruiz advanced in the 8-9 year old 60 lbs division & Osmel Avila advanced in the 8-9 70 lbs division.
There will be a amateur boxing show Nov 20th at the Aleman Boxing Fresno gym starting at 1pm to raise money for their trip and gym expenses.

2010.10.30 Modesto


Aleman Boxing Fresno's amateur boxing team earned two victories this weekend. On Saturday in Lindsey CA 8 year old Maria Ruiz won a three round decision versus Destiny Nino of Manteca in the 50 lbs division.
On Sunday in Tulare CA 9 year old Kevin Mendoza won in the 68 lb division over Austin Edwards of Tulare CA.  Next up for the Aleman Boxers, 10/30 in Modesto then the CCA Silver Gloves in Bakersfield on Nov. 7th.
Then the Big Aleman Boxing Show November 20th at the Aleman Boxing Fresno gym.

2010.10.23 Lindsey

Tulare - Aleman Boxing Fresno's amateur team won three championships at the Manuel Torrez Classic on Saturday in Tulare. Osmel Avila (8 year old 70 lbs division), Maria Ruiz (8 50lbs) & Kevin Mendoza (9-10 65lbs). Another ABF boxer Gary Salazar (15-16 125lbs) advanced to the final beating Ismael Fernandez. Salazar will box Alexis Garcia of Delhi Sunday in the final.

2010.09.25 Stockton PYA

2010.09.18 Santa Clarita

Our annual trip to see a big fight.
We went to Santa Clarita for a boxing show, then drove to
the LA Staple Center to watch Mosley v. Mora.

The first year of our gym 2008, I took the kids to see Oscar de la Hoya vs. Steve Forbes in LA. Then 2009 I took the kids to see a Nonito Donair, World Title fight at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas. That was thanks to Top Rank Boxing who donated the tickets.

What is ahead for 2011???

2010.09.11 Dinuba
Central Valley Boxing Show

Azuza, CA - Aleman Boxing Fresno's Gary Salazar lost a split decision to Joet Gonzalez of Azuza Saturday night.  The bout was the main event of a local show in Azuza. It was only the second loss for Salazar in the past two and a half years.  Salazar was moving up in weight to challenge a kid with one year seniority at 119 pounds in this bout.

2010.08.14 Lindsey

2010.08.06   Aleman Boxing Fresno’s amateur boxing team travels to Stockton tomorrow to take on some of the best boxers from Northern California.  Hilario Guerrero 17 years old 140 lbs, John Smith 26 135, Kevin Mendoza 9 60, Jorge Ruiz 9 60, Maria Ruiz 8 50, Rene Aleman 12 80 & Osmel Avila 8 70 will all be in action representing Fresno.  The show will be at the Stockton Impact Teen Center.  Weigh-ins at 9am and the show starts at 2pm. 

Action in July

2010.07.10 Parlier

2010.07.21-24 National Jr Golden Gloves

2010.07.24 Sanger

2010.07.31 Modesto

Aleman Boxing Show in Parlier a Success

Parlier – Aleman Boxing Fresno moved their US Independence Day Boxing Championships to the Parlier Boxing Club after the City of Fresno placed restrictions on the show that was to be held at the Manchester Center.  In Parlier, 25 amateur boxing matches took place with teams from Las Vegas, Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Ardo, Salinas, Sacramento and all throughout the Central Valley met up to prove who was best.  Aleman Boxing Fresno came away with four wins, Shannon Bettencourt, female 23 years old 126 lbs., Amado Santos 21 years old 131 lbs., Hilario Guerrero 17 141 lbs. and Jett Blackwell 9 105 lbs.  The female bout between Shannon and Ofelia Sandoval was voted best bout of the night by USA Boxing Officials.  There was a sell out attendance of 500 people who followed the change in venue.  Special guest Fresno's former World Champion Hector Lizarraga, Fresno’s former pro boxing contender Ray Lovato and Fresno's current US Champion Gary Salazar were all in attendance.  All money raised went to Aleman's non-profit amateur boxing club.

2010.06.19 Visalia  
On this day, three of our boxers got to compete not far from home.  Osmel Avila, Maria Ruiz & Hilario Guerrero all boxed in very close match-ups but only Osmel cam away with the victory. Two pictures above    

2010.06.26 Fresno  
In Fresno, Osmel Avila and Jett Blackwell both fought tough matches.  Two photos below.

6/17/2010 SALAZAR FIRST FRESNO BOY TO WIN GOLD MEDAL! Camp Lejeune, NC – Aleman Boxing Fresno’s Gary Salazar, won a 15-3 decision Friday morning versus Shawn Simpson of Chicago, IL to become the first boy from Fresno ever to win the US National Junior Olympic Championship.  Salazar earned a automatic birth in this tournament by winning the National Silver Gloves tournament in February.  Once in North Carolina, to earn the gold, he need to win 4 straight bouts against the top 15-16 year old amateur boxers in the nation, and do it in four straight days. He did it!  His toughest bout came in the semi-finals where he narrowly won a decision 14-13 against Luis Castro of TX. 
A victory party is set for 4-8pm at The Aleman Boxing Gym on Olive and Sierra Vista Ave in Southeast Fresno, the public is welcome. 
Former world champion Fresno's Hector Lizarraga, Fresno's Ray Lovato (Men's USA Boxing Champion 1989), Fresno's Guadalupe Acosta (pro boxer) will all be on hand to congratulate Gary. 

6/16/2010 Camp Lejeune, NC – Aleman Boxing Fresno’s Gary Salazar, won a very close decision on Thursday versus Luis Castro of Edinburg, TX.  Salazar pulled out the victory in the last round with a score of 13-12 to earn a spot in the finals.  Salazar now faces Shawn Simpson of Chicago, IL on Friday for the 114 lbs. 2010 US National Junior Olympic Championship.  Simpson won the gold medal in this tournament last year in the 106 lb. division.  Salazar is attempting to become the first boy from Fresno to win this tournament.  The Salazar/Simpson bout can be seen on Friday, on the webcast The finals should start at 10am pacific time.

6/16/2010 Camp Lejeune, NC – The Pride of Fresno, Aleman Boxing’s Gary Salazar is now two wins away from a Gold medal at the 2010 US National Junior Olympic Championships in North Carolina.  Salazar outpointed Patrick Harris of Landover, MD, 10-2 in three rounds of Olympic style boxing.  Gary now moves on to the semi-final match on Thursday where he will face Luis Castro of Edinburg, TX.  If Salazar makes it to the finals on Friday, you maybe able to see him live, as all final matches will be on webcast

06/15/2010 Camp Lejeune, North Carolina – The Pride of Fresno, Aleman Boxing’s Gary Salazar defeated Caleb Ferguson of Gonzales, LA today in a preliminary match at the 2010 US National Junior Olympic Championships in North Carolina.  Gary won a one sided three round decision 15-0.  Salazar now moves on to the quarter-final match tomorrow. Three more wins to go for the GOLD Medal!!!

2010.06.05 Sacramento CA  
The first step in a Men’s national championship is the local championship.  In April, our John Watts became the Central California Assoc. Champion at 178 pounds.  The next step is a regional win.  In our case it’s the Region 11 Championships where The CCA Champion and the Northern California Champion meet to determine who will represent Region 11.  John faced a tuff kid from Oakland by the name of Cymone Kearney.  Watts trained hard but was unable to handle the speed of Kearney and Cymone went on to represent Region 11 at the 2010 National Championships in Colorado Springs, CO.  

2010.06.12 Fresno, CA  
Another local show, which was good, but out of a list of 10 boxers, we only got one matched up.  Hilario Guerrero boxed and lost a very close decision to Edgar Sanchez of Orosi.  It was the second meeting of the two boxers, they are now tied one to one…  

2010.05.29 Clovis, CA   This show was a nice in city show.  No traveling and four of our kids boxed.  Kevin Mendoza, Jorge Ruiz, Osmel Avila & Maria Ruiz.  We went 2 and 2 for the show with Osmel and Maria both winning but what was unexpected was, my eight year old little girl in her third amateur bout won the most impressive boxer of the show award! A very nice Championship belt!   

2010.05.22 Las Vegas, NV   Once a year we try to take our boxing team to a amateur boxing show in Las Vegas.  This year the team got to meet Celestino Caballero the WBA & IBF Super Bantamweight World Champion.  We took a team of six boxers and four got to compete.  Gary Salazar, Jorge Ruiz, Kevin Mendoza & Evan Sanchez all boxed at Barry’s Las Vegas boxing show and Osmel Avila & Maria Ruiz couldn’t get matched up.  Gary and Kevin came away with victories.    

2010.05.15 King City, CA Every year the San Ardo Boxing Club puts on a amateur boxing show at the King City Fair & our kids love going and competing at these shows.  Parents and kids get to experience the fair in a city that is not their own and see different events then they would normally.  On this day Jorge Ruiz, 9 years old boxed the National Silver Gloves Champion in the 10-11 year old division and came away with a very narrow loss and some valuable experience.  Kevin Mendoza boxed for the CCA Jr Olympic Championship and became our latest champion!  

5/01/10 Reno, NV - Aleman Boxing Fresno's Gary Salazar won a three round decision today versus Kenny Davis in Davis' hometown. The bout was a return match from their bout last month here in Fresno where Salazar won also. Next up for Gary, the toughest tournament of his young career, the National Junior Olympics 15-16 year olds 114 lb division in North Carolina June 13-20.

2010.05.08 Fairfield CA Region 11 Championships

04/24/2010 Fresno -
Aleman Boxing Fresno wrapped up the Central California Amateur Boxing Championships tournament today and the full roster of champions to box in Sacramento June 5th verses the Northern California Champions is: Men's 114 lbs 20 year old Gilbert Mendoza of Modesto, 123 lbs 21 year old  Roman Morales of San Ardo who won this national tournament in 2008, 132 lbs 17 year old Jose Ramirez of Avenal who won the National Jr Olympics in 2008 & 2009, 141 lbs 18 year old Paul Cano of Clovis who just won the California Golden Gloves Championships at 152 lbs, 152 lbs 18 year old Quilisto Madera of Lathrop, 165 lbs 19 year old Aaron Coley of Stockton, 178 lbs 21 year old John Watts of Aleman Boxing Fresno, 201 lbs 25 year old Ruben Mendoza of Tulare and 201+ LBS 25 YEAR OLD Josiah James of Bakersfield.  The Women’s champions are 112 lbs Jaime Mitchell of Salinas, 125 lbs 17 year old Shanne Ruelas of Fresno and 132 lbs 22 year old Katonya Fisher of Bakersfield.
Also today, CCA Jr. Olympic Champions were crowned including: 8 year old Maria Ruiz at 50 lbs & 8 year old Jett Blackwell at 110 lbs both of Aleman Boxing Fresno.

04/17/2010 Fresno – Over 800 people attended the Central California Amateur Boxing Championships today at the Manchester Center.  John Watts of Aleman Boxing Fresno won the championship of the 178 pound division and along with Paul Cano of Clovis at 141 lbs division and Shanne Ruelas of Fresno in the 125 lbs. division, will be traveling to Sacramento Jun 5th to face the Northern California Champions, and the winners then will travel to Colorado Springs, CO to the National Championships.  Gary Salazar, of Aleman Boxing Fresno, is back to his winning ways with a three round decision over Kenny Davis of Reno.  Eight years olds Maria Ruiz and Osmel Avila of Aleman Boxing Fresno also won their amateur debuts. 

2010.03.25 Stockton

Salazar Defeated in SF
San francisco - The winning streak came to a end at 25 with 2 National Silver Gloves, 1 National Jr Golden Gloves and 1 International Desert Showdown Championship and many other boxing victories for Aleman Boxing Fresno's Gary Salazar.  Today in San Francisco Salazar lost to Rudy Macedo in a three round decision at a local show held at the Roccapulco Night Club in San Fransico. A new winning streak may start at Fresno's Manchester Center on April 17th, on the undercard of the Men's & Women's Central California Championships were he hopes to get a rematch with Macedo. Salazar has already qualified for the National Jr Olympics in June being held in South Carolina. 

2010.04.08 Lemoore Pro Boxing


Parlier Boxing Show
Kevin Mendoza got his first win and
Hilario was tested tough in a true Men's open bout.

Fresno - Aleman Boxing Fresno put on a 28 bout card yesterday at the Manchester Center that was attended by over 800 people and lasted over five hours long. In a featured bout Hilario Gurrero of Aleman Boxing won a three round decision over Edgar Sanchez of Tulare.  Teams from Las Vegas, Arizona and all over California were battling it out in the amateur boxing show, and truely showed that the sport is making a come back locally.  Kids as young as 8 to men in their 30's took part in the event. Many local former pro boxers attendend the bout, including Hector Lizarraga, Chief Alvarez, Saul Lomas, Larry Villarel and Rudy Cruz.  Also in attendence were local MMA stars, Billy Evangalista and Issac de Jesus.  The next Fresno amateur boxing show will be April 17th.

Salazar Repeats as National Champion!!!  

Independence, MS – Gary Salazar, of Aleman Boxing Fresno won a three round decision over Maliek Montgomery of Georgia to repeat as the 2010 National Silver Gloves Champion.  Salazar dedicated this championship to Francisco Aleman Sr. who passed away November 21, the father of his coach Frank Aleman.  Gary Salazar continued an undefeated streak that is now up to 25 bouts in a row, dating back to November 2008.  After taking a little time off, the next big tournament for Salazar will be the Jr. Olympics in April.  A victory celebration will be at 6pm on Monday at Aleman Boxing Fresno.   
Aleman Boxing Fresno will be hosting an amateur boxing show February 20th at Manchester Center, starting at 4pm.  Teams from all over California, Arizona and Nevada will be competing.  All proceeds will go to paying for all expenses of this trip.  Tickets for the 25 bout card will be only $10.     
November 21, 2009, was the start of the 2010 National Silver Gloves Championships for the Central California Association.  In Bakersfield, CCA boxers, ages 8-15, gathered to battle it out for the opportunity to move on to Carson, CA for the State championships.  Aleman Boxing Fresno sent four boxers: eight year old Jorge Ruiz 55lbs, nine year old Victor Orozco 70 lbs, 12 year old Chris Minjarez 90 lbs. & 14 year old Gary Salazar 112 lbs.  Gilbert Salazar, Gary’s dad, took these kids to compete without their other coach Frank Aleman.  Frank’s father Francisco Aleman Sr. had gotten in a accident a week earlier and had just passed away the morning of the CCA Silver Gloves championships.  Hearing the situation, Gary called Frank and promised to win the 2010 National Silver Gloves for the honor of his father.  Three of the Aleman Boxers passed the first test and moved on to the state championship in Carson.  Gary was one of them.  Francisco was buried on the following Wednesday and Frank was back in the gym to see all his boxers that night.  With one week to go before the state championships, all three kids were working hard in the gym & Gary Salazar was leading the workout.  Frank stayed home from the state championships also.  After the state championships were over, only Gary was left of the Aleman Boxers.  Next up was the US Western Regional Silver Gloves Championship in January.  Salazar needed two wins here to advance to the Silver Gloves Nationals.  With one win down on Saturday, Frank drove down to Norwalk, CA Sunday morning to work the corner of his boxer.  It was the first time working a corner since his father had passed away, and minutes before entering the ring, Salazar turned to Frank and said, “I told you, I’m doing this for your dad.”  Standing across the ring from Gary was the Nevada Champion and after three rounds of boxing, Salazar was headed to the National Championships in Independence, MS.  February 3rd, Salazar left to Missouri and first up was the a boxer from New York.  Salazar advances to day two.  Next up was the two time National Silver Gloves Champion from Texas.  Salazar wins, now in finals. 

Saturday, February 06, 2010 just one boxer needed to be beaten.  Maliek Montgomery of Georgia.  A year ago Salazar had become the first boxer ever to capture this National Boxing Title, and a year later… The Phone rang, “I TOLD YOU FRANK! I TOLD YOU FRANK! I TOLD YOU! I DID IT FOR YOUR DAD!!!  Salazar repeated the feat never done by any other Fresnan… Gary Salazar, 2010 National Silver Gloves Champion    


Salazar headed to National Championships

Norwalk CA - Gary Salazar of Aleman Boxing Fresno defeated the Nevada champion Salvador Lopez 5-0 to win the US Western Regional Silver Gloves Championship, and now advances to the National championships the first week of February. The National Silver Gloves Championships are held in Independence, MS. Salazar dedicated this championship before he entered the ring to his coach's father, Francisco Aleman, who passed away Nov. 21, 2009 the day this tournament started in Bakersfield.

Salazar, California State Champion
Carson, CA - Aleman Boxing Fresno's Gary Salazar, a 14 year old Hoover High School student, defeated Eder Carillo of Woodlawn, to become the California State Silver Gloves Champion. Salazar now advances U.S. Western Regional Silver Gloves in Norwalk, CA January 7-10 where the the champions of CA, AZ, CO, NV, NM & UT will be competing in the single elimination tournament with the winner advancing to the U.S. National Silver Gloves Championships in Independence, MO February 3-7. Salazar is competing in the 14-15 year old 112 lbs division. Gary started 2009 with the 2009 National Silver Gloves Championship at 12-13 year olds 112 lbs in February, then the 2009 International Desert Showdown Championship at 13-14 114 lbs & then later in the summer the 2009 National Jr Golden Gloves Championship 13-14 114 lbs.
Jorge Ruiz (8-9 60 lbs.) & Victor Orozco (8-9 70 lbs) both boxed in the championship bout and came away with the silver medal.

Bakersfield, CA - 14 year old Gary Salazar, of Aleman Boxing Fresno, won the CCA Silver Gloves Championship by beating Alexis Garcia of Delhi, CA.  Gary advances to the California State Silver Glove Championships in the 14-15 year old 112lbs division, to be held December 4-6 in Carson, CA. Gary is attempting to repeat his 2009 National Championship.  Another Aleman Boxer 9 year old Victor Orozco, also won the CCA Silver Gloves Championship in the 8-9 year old 70 lbs and will competing in Carson for the state championship.  Jorge Ruiz came in second in the 8-9 55 lbs division but moved up to 60 lbs to advance to the state tournament and Chris Minjarez droped his opening bout to the defending 2009 National Sliver Gloves Champion at 12-13 90 lbs.

Fresno, CA - In the last regular show of 2009 for the CCA, Chris Minjarez won his sixth bout of this year and Hilario Guerrero & John Watts both finished their year as USA Boxing Open Men's division competitors. 

San Francisco, CA - Aleman Boxing Fresno's Gary Salazar (14) and Jorge Ruiz (8) won matches today in San Francisco. Salazar 14 119 lbs defeated Jesus Rentaria 15 124 lbs in a three round bout & Ruiz 8 54 lbs beat Mario Lopez of SF 8 58 lbs also in a three round bout.
Hilario Guerrero (17) and John Watts (20) also competed and came in second place.
Both young boxers will be competing November 21-22 in Bakersfield at the Central California Association Silver Glove Championships! The start of the 2010 National Championship


Stockton, CA - Aleman Boxers Chris Minjarez, Hilario Guerrero & Jorge Ruiz were all in action on Holloween Day three hours from home.  They all gave up the fun kids holiday to compete in a amateur boxing show and all gave very good showings.


Aleman Boxing Fresno’s amateur boxer Hilario Guerrero won the 10th Annual Manuel Torrez International Boxing Classic tournament this Sunday in his first Men’s competition for 17-34 year old 141 lbs novice division in Tulare CA.  Chris Minjarez, Jorge Ruiz and Gary Salazar all won also by walk-over cause they didn’t match up with any other boxers in there division.

Tulare, CA – Today in Tulare CA at the Vaya con Dios Amateur Boxing Show, Fresno was represented well and the Aleman Boxing Team went 2-0!  12 year old Christ Minjarez defeated Nathan Gomez of Bakersfield with a unanimous decision in the 90 lbs division. This was a rematch of the CCA Jr Olympic bout in April which Chris also won.  Also eight year old Jorge Ruiz won by defeating the home town boy Mark Lujan in a 55lbs division match.  This was the third time meeting this year for the two little warriors and the first time Ruiz has bested Lujan.  Expect both these match-ups again next month as the 2010 National Silver Gloves starts up with the local CCA bouts November 7-8 in Bakersfield CA.

Salazar continues to win!
Visalia - Tonight in Visalia, Gary Salazar, of Aleman Boxing Fresno 14 years old 115 lbs, defeated Rudy Macedo, 14 - 122 lbs from the bay area. Gary won a three round decision to continue his winning streak of now 15 since last November and will next be in action next Saturday in Reno, NV. Also from ABF 8 year old Jorge Ruiz 56 lbs won against his opponent from Hanford Joshua Rodriguez 9 years old.

Fresno - 2009 National Champion Gary Salazar, of Aleman Boxing Fresno, defeated Alexis Garcia of Delhi at the Mexican Independence Day Boxing Championships held at Manchester Center on Saturday.  Both boxers were in the 114 lb division.  This was Gary's first bout in Fresno after a year of traveling.  Ranked number two in the US at 112 lbs. Mikey Ruiz, also of Aleman Boxing Fresno,  moved up to 122 lbs to win a three round decision against Jose Soto of Salinas and 9 year old Victor Orozco, of Aleman Boxing Fresno also won.  In one of the best matches of the night, Aleman Boxing Fresno versus Fresno PAL, Isaiah Medellin ABF lost to Anthony Maldonado PAL in a close three round decision.  Teams from all over California came to compete in the 24 bout day of boxing here in Fresno in front of a crowd of 600. Salazar and the rest of ABF will hit the road again starting Friday in Visalia and 26th in Reno.

2009/08/15 Las Vegas – Gary & Chris, of Aleman Boxing and Austin of Fresno PAL all got victories at the Boxing show at Barry’s in Las Vegas.  Gary & Chris stopped their opponents in the third round.  John, Jorge & Hilario all lost. The whole team was invited to watch the live pro championship card at the Hard Rock afterwards by Top Rank Boxing.

2009/08/29 Bakersfield – Aleman Boxing went 1-3 after some tough bouts in Bakersfield.  Chris won his fourth bout and Jorge, Isaiah and Benito all lost tough matches.  

8/8/09 Gilroy, CA – In Gilroy CA today, Aleman Boxing Fresno’s Isaiah Medellin won the 10 year old 80 lbs. division Championship at the 3rd Annual Throw Down n Garlic Town beating Justin Cardona of Salinas boxing Club.  After giving Cardona a standing eight count in the first and second round, Medellin got his opponent against the ropes in the third round and didn’t stop punching until the referee stopped it.  Isaiah and eight more members of Aleman Boxing Fresno amateur team will be heading to Las Vegas next Saturday 8/15 to take on Nevada’s Best boxers.     

Modesto – Eight year old Jorge Ruiz of Aleman Boxing Fresno, 53 lbs. won in a three round decision against Giovani Santillan of the Leather Bricks Boxing Club from Tulare, CA.  Benito Ibarra, 11 years old of Aleman’s lost to Joe Favila of Modesto PAL and Hilario Guerrero lost to Andres Hernandez of Vaya con Dios Boxign Club from Tulare, CA.

Mesquite NV - Gary Salazar of Aleman Boxing Fresno defeated Ryan Maier of Montana in the 13-14 year old 114 lbs division to become the 2009 National Jr Golden Gloves champion. 
Salazar won a three round 5-0 unanimous decision. 
Efren Lopez of Fresno lost a 4-1 split decision to Francisco de Vaca of Arizona in the 13-14 95lbs division.
Aleman Boxing Fresno's entire team will be competing next at the Throwdown in Motown, in Modesto 8/01, Gilroy 8/08, Las Vegas 8/15, Bakersfield 8/29, and then Fresno's Manchester Center 9/12 - The Mexican Independence Day Boxing Celebration.

7/18/09 Coachella CA - Aleman Boxing Fresno came away with three champions from the 8th Annual Desert Showdown Boxing Championships. Gary Salazar won a three round decision against Carlos Flores of Phoenix, AZ to win the open 13-14 year old 114 lbs division. Yesil Tapia earned the girls 13-14 145 lbs division championship belt and 8 year old Jorge Ruiz earned the championship belt in the 55 lbs division. Joe Chacon lost in the 13-14 110 lbs novice division championship and Isaiah Medillin lost in 9-10 80 lbs novice championship match.

Hollister CA – Getting ready for the big Desert Showdown World Amateur Boxing Tournament coming up this week, the Aleman Boxing Club traveled to compete at the Hollister CA Championships.  Gary Salazar, 14 at 119 lbs, in his first bout since winning the 2009 National Silver Gloves Title in February, won a three round decision against the 2008 PAL National Champion Jonathon Casca of Salinas.  Victor Orozco, 9 at 65 lbs, got his first victory beating Joshua Rodriguez of Hanford and John Watts, 19 at 162 lbs, lost to Adolfo Gonzales of Salinas.    The Desert Showdown is July 14-18 in Coachella, CA.  After which, Gary Salazar will be heading to Mesquite NV to compete in the 2009 National Jr Golden Gloves Tournament July 22-26.  Then the whole Fresno team will travel to the Throwdown in Motown in Modesto CA Aug. 1st.   

Aleman Boxing takes Team Championship at the War on the Fulton

With teams coming as far as Reno, Salinas, Santa Maria and throughout the valley, Fresno’s own Aleman Boxing Fresno took the team championship at the 3rd Annual War at the Fulton going 3-1 at the show.  First up for Aleman Boxing was 15 year old Jose Cabrera.  In his first bout ever, he defeated Madera’s Hugo Sanchez in the 95 lbs. division.  Next for ABF was eight year old Jorge Ruiz beating Giovanni Santillan of Tulare in the 60 lbs. division, followed by 10 year old Isaiah Medellin of ABF winning his bout against Jose Cardenas of Tulare in the 81 lbs. division.  In the main event, 19 year old John Watts of ABF lost a split decision to Salinas’ Arturo Castro in the 171 lbs division.  Gary Salazar’s bout was scratched after his opponent from Santa Maria pulled out of the show.  It was the fourth week in a row of amateur boxing in Fresno and the next time amateur boxing comes back will be Sept 12th, The Mexican Independence Show held by Aleman Boxing Fresno.

This week in Aleman Boxing, in Denver at the US Men’s National Championships 20 year old Fresno City College student Mikey Ruiz, earned a bronze medal, copying his accomplishment from last year.  Mikey had to box four times in five days winning three.  He beat Bruno Escalante of Walmanalo, Hawaii in his first bout, Josue Cervantes of Arleta, CA in his second bout, then lost his semi-final bout to Louie Byrd, Denver, CO & then won his Bronze medal match-up with Adrian Ghisiou, Fort Hood, Texas stopping him in the second round.  Mean while at the Fresno PAL show, 12 year old Christopher Minjarez won his second strainght bout and 8 year old Jorge Ruiz made his amateur debut.  This Saturday, get ready for Aleman Boxing Fresno Presents The 3rd Annual WAR at the FULTON, 18 Xciting amateur boxing match-ups, Starting at 2pm!!! 860 Fulton Mall. Aleman Boxing Fresno presents The 3rd Annual WAR at the FULTON   18 exciting amateur boxing matches at the Fresno Fulton Discount Mall, Saturday, June 19, 2009 at 2 pm – 6pm.

2009.06.06 Fresno YMCA   Aleman Boxing Fresno’s Amateur boxing team did very well today!  Boxing at the YMCA’s final show we got two wins out of three.  16 year old Hilario won for the first time in his third try and our 12 year old little girl Yisel won her amateur debut! Eight year old Victor got his third bout in and ten year old Isaiah had to pull out of his bout do to an accident on a treadmill there at the Y.  They will all be at it again next weekend at Central High School in Fresno CA.  Don’t forget, Mikey Ruiz is in Denver competing at the 2009 US Men’s National Championships this week...      

2009.05.30 Velarde's Show   Eight year old Victor Orozco got his second bout under his wing, this time getting the short end of a three round tough decision against his opponent from Bakersfield.  Mean while, ten year old Isaiah Medellin made his amateur boxing debut with a three round winning decision against a kid from Salinas!  Mikey Ruiz, won his three round bout and is off to Denver this weekend to compete in the 2009 US Men’s National Championships!  The rest of Team Aleman will be taking part in the final show hosted by the Fresno YMCA this Saturday, as they will be shutting down this weekend.  

Salt Lake City, UT – Michael Ruiz, of Aleman Boxing Fresno, lost a split decision to Louie Byrd, the Colorado-New Mexico Champion for the National Golden Gloves Title! In a close bout, the judges were split 3-2.  The silver medal in this tournament is a very great accomplishment and in my 22 years of experience being around the sport, this is the first boxer from Fresno to ever come this close to winning the National Golden Gloves Title. Mikey will have little time to enjoy his silver medal, cause he will be in action again next Saturday, May 16th in Oakland for the Region 11 Championships (Central vs. Northern Champions) for a shot at advancing to Colorado this June at the US Men's Championships.  To get to the finals Michael Ruiz won his semi-final match-up versus Jesus Guerrero, the Nevada Champion, won his bout against the local favorite in Utah, the Rocky Mountain Champion Isaac Aguilar & Ruiz won his first bout at the National Golden Gloves by decisioning Jonathon Perez, the Upper Mid West Champion. The decision was 5-0, meaning five judges scoring the bout were all in agreement awarding the bout to Michael. Michael owes much of his success to Aleman Boxing trainer Hector Lizarraga, the former world champion from Fresno, CA Mikey is competes in the amateur Men's Open Level.  

Avenal, CA – Mike Ruiz Jr., 19, and Christopher Minjarez, 11, both representing Aleman Boxing Fresno, won Central California Association Championships today in Avenal.  Ruiz won the 112 lb. Men’s division and will be advancing to the Region 11 Championships, were the winner will advance to the US Men’s National Championships in Denver, CO.  Minjarez won the CCA Jr. Olympics in the 11-12 year old/85lb. division.  Two other members of Aleman Boxing Fresno came up a little short, Hilario Guerrero won the silver medal in the 15-16 year old/154 division final and Manuel Zaragoza Jr. won the silver medal in the 13-14 year old/132 lb. division final.    Mike Ruiz is also heading to the Men’s National Golden Gloves Championships May 3-10 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  He won the the California State Golden Gloves Championship earlier this month and is currently ranked number 3 in the nation under USA Boxing.


Fresno, CA - The Aleman Boxing Show 2009 Kicked off a great begaining to a
promising 2009! Three of our newest boxers, Hilario Guerrero, Victor Orozco &
Christopher Mintarez all made their amateur boxing debuts this Saturday!

Former World Champions and Ring legends, Bobby Chacon &
Hector Lizarraga were on hand to watch the night of bouts.  


Independence, MO – After 4 months of training, keeping weight and all the qualifying
 tournaments to get to this point, Gary Salazar has won the 2009 National Silver
 Gloves Championship in Independence, MO!  Salazar defeated David Levy of
 Davenport, Iowa in the championship bout Saturday to win a unanimous decision in
 the final bout of this four month tournament.  When he left Fresno on Wednesday
 he’s father/coach was expecting other boxers, because of the economy, not to
 show up, but when he got there and saw his son had a full bracket, he knew the
 last bit of this tournament would be a tough test.  On top of the full bracket, the
 draw saw Gary up against the defending champion, Joe Bryant of Mississippi, in his
 first bout.  Gary knew that all the train at Aleman’s Boxing Gym and miles and miles
 of running would not be for not.  In a very close and tough bout Gary came out
victorious and moved on to the semi-finals.  There he faced Seven Annis of Eagle
Butte, South Dakota.  Going into the bout with a black eye he received in the
previous match, Gary was able to out box the South Dakota & Region 4 Champion,
guaranteeing at least a Silver Medal at these Silver Gloves.  But Gold was the Goal!
And for that David Levy was in his way… In 2007 Gary was in this exact position and
wasn’t able to beat the final boxer from Washington DC.  Thanks to that experience,
 the feelings of regret from being so close and all the training, Gary knew what he
had to do.  He boxed, he banged, he switched from right handed to south paw, he
did everything that he had to do to get this decision.  So now, Gary Salazar is the
12-13 year old, 112 lb. division 2009 National Silver Gloves Champion! Gary Salazar
 advanced in this tournament by winning the Central California Silver Gloves
Championship in Nov 2008, the California State Silver Gloves Championship Dec 2008
 & the US Western Regional Championship last month. Gary is a student at Sequoia
Middle School and has been competed over eighty times since he was eight years
old.  There is a Victory celebration for Salazar at his gym, Aleman Boxing Fresno,
1229 N Sierra Vista Ave from 5pm-8pm this Monday. We are open to the public &


Norwalk , CA -

Saturday, 13 year old Gary Salazar, of Aleman Boxing Fresno , stopped the Colorado champion Larry Mercado in the first round to win the US Western Regional Silver Gloves tournament. The win means Gary will now advance to the National Silver Gloves Amateur Boxing Championships in Independence , MO February  4-7.  Salazar beat Carlos Florez of AZ on Friday in the semi-finals. Gary Salazar is competing in the 12-13 year old, 112 lb. division and has advanced to this point in the tournament by winning the Central California Silver Gloves Championship in Nov 2008 and the California State Silver Gloves Championship Dec 2008.

Carson CA - 13 year old Gary Salazar, of Aleman Boxing Fresno, defeated Rudy Macedo the Northern California champion to become the California State Silver Glove Champion in the 12-13 year old 112 lbs division. Salazar now advances to the Silver Gloves Regional Tournament held January 8-11th , also held in the Los Angeles area that includes champions from western states.   If Salazar wins at Regionals then next is the National Silver Gloves Tournament in Kansas City, MO on Feb. 3-7, 2009. Gary recently won the Silver Medal at 106 lbs at the 2008 P.A.L. National Tournament this past October. He is a student at Sequoia Middle School. Gary advanced to the state championships by winning the Central California Association on Nov 1st in Bakersfield, CA.

October 25, 2008 Modesto, CA - 16 year old Alfredo Suarez Jr, of Aleman Boxing Club of Fresno, made his amateur boxing debut this past Saturday in Modesto against a tough boxer from Stockton.    This Saturday, November 1st & 2nd,  in Bakersfield CA is where the Silver Gloves Tournament will kick off for the CCA. Gary Salazar will represent Aleman Boxing Fresno.   ABF is a non-profit organization. Pease donate all u can to help!!!

October 18-19, 2008

Tulare CA – 13 year old Gary Salazar, of Aleman Boxing Fresno, lost a very close decision in his boxing match on Sunday against 15 year old Edwin Sandoval of Bakersfield.  Edwin is ranked number two in the United Stated for 15-16 year olds. 

On Saturday Luis Villagomez won the Manuel Torrez Classic with a four round decision over Luis Sedano of Duarte Boxing Club Pasadena. 


Jorge Magallanes makes his hometown professional debut at Table Mountain Casino, November 18th.  This will be his second pro fight, coming off his pro debut in June.



October 11, 2008

Tulare CA – 13 year old Gary Salazar, of Aleman Boxing Fresno, won his boxing match on Saturday against 15 year old Luis Ambrosio, also of Fresno.  Luis is ranked number three in the United Stated for 15-16 year olds.  



Jorge Magallanes makes his hometown professional debut at Table Mountain Casino, November 18th.  This will be his second pro fight, coming off his pro debut in June.


October 7, 2008

Oxnard, CA – Aleman Boxing Fresno brought home two boxers with national medals this weekend when Gary Salazar and Luis Villagomez represented Fresno well in Oxnard last week.

Gary Salazar won his quarterfinal match via decision against Moses Molina of Bridgeton, NJ.  In his semi-final match, his opponent weighed in heavy and Gary got a walk-over to the finals.  In the finals he was matched up against Ismael Fernandez of Quartz Hill, CA.

It was a close match, but Ismael was awarded the decision giving Salazar the silver medal in the Boy’s 13-14 year old, 106lb. weight class.

Luis Villagomez was knocked out of the California PAL Championships by a boxer from Palmdale named Jesse Villanueve.  So at the nationals who did he see across from him in the quarter-finals at the National PAL Championships, Villanueve. But this time he knew how to box him. This time, he was not going to let Jesse beat him again.  Luis won a three round decision and advanced to the semi-finals.

In the Semi-finals Luis faced the US Marine Corp’s Andre Ramirez.  In bout I thought he had won, the decision went the other way.  Andre won a close decision and advanced to the finals.  Luis got the bronze medal.

Gary Salazar, 2nd in the Nation and Luis Villagomez, 3rd in the nation.

Pretty good results. 


Hollister - Gary Salazar won a three round decision this Saturday in Hollister, CA

It was a rematch of his fight last month in Gilroy and this time he got the decision.


NEXT UP: September 20th back in Hollister

THEN THE  PAL NATIONALS September 29th - October 5th  in Oxnard CA!!After that:Oct 11th in Tulare, Vaya Con Dios BC Show

Oct 18-19 in Tulare, Tulare AC, Manuel Torrez Classic

Oct 25th in Modesto, Modesto PAL

Gary Salazar won the PAL State Championship on Sunday in Oxnard. He competed in the 106lb class of the boys 13-14 age division. He stopped his opponent in the second round on Friday and won a decision on Sunday to capture the title. Jasmine Chacon lost in the finals of the girls 13-14 101lb division. Gabriel Burriel was stopped in the 2nd round of the men's open 201lb division. Luis Villagomez won his quarter final match on Friday, but in a terrible decision on Saturday, after dominating his opponent for four rounds, Luis Villagomez lost a in the semifinal bout Saturday in the men's open 125lb class.   Aleman Boxing Fresno

8/2/08 - Visalia Joe Chacon won a unanimous decision in his 6th bout of his first year of competing!   The PAL California State Championships are this weekend, Friday through Sunday in Oxnard, CA.  We have five boxers competing; Luis Villagomez – Men’s Open 125, Gary Salazar – Boy’s 13-14 106, Jasmine Chacon – Girl’s 13-14 101, Bernell Washington Men’s Novice 165 & Gabriel Burriell -  Men’s Open 201+ We have a very good chance in bringing home 5 state championships! LETS GO GET THEM CENTRAL CAL!!!

  July 19, 2008 Fresno, CA – There was a sellout crowd as Aleman Boxing Fresno hosted their first ever amateur boxing show.  Teams from all across California showed up to compete and there was 25 matches made for the event and many more could have been made.  Five hours of boxing, that started from 3:30pm till 8:pm. Unlike many shows, the crowd never seemed to thin out as almost everyone stayed to watch every match. Azbai Arreguin started out the day for Aleman Boxing’s amateur team.  She was out sized by about five inches in height by her opponent, Heather Hartman of Oakland’s Kings Gym.  It was a though and grueling bout that went the distance.  Arreguin came up a little short in the score cards and Hartman won. Next up for Aleman Boxing was Gary Salazar. This 13 year old kid dominated his opponent from Sacramento’s Mateen Boxing Club. Salazar won a unanimous decision giving Aleman Boxing tier first win of the day. About two and a half hours in to the show, in the 14th bout was Joe Chacon.  In a rematch of his first ever boxing match, Joe boxed Chandler Morrison of Clovis PAL.  This was a much closer match then the first but Joe will need another shot at the “Clovis Kid” if he wants to revenge his first loss, Mr Morrison wins again. After almost five hours of boxing, Bernell Washington made his debut as a member of Aleman Boxing.  Being the 24th bout out of 25 did not slow him down.  He came out strong and fast against his younger opponent Orbelin Terrones of the Parlier Boxing Club.  As Washington slowed in the second, Terrones begain to climb back into the fight.  Washington was able to build a big enough lead the first half of the bout to get the win, making Aleman Boxing 2-2 to the day. The headliner of the Show, Luis Villagomez was schedualed to box right after Chacon’s bout, ten minutes before he was to get into the ring, his opponent, Chris King pulled out of the fight. Sorry to all those who came to see him. His plans now are to win the PAL Nationals in October, then turn pro.   Special Awards were given to: Caballero Boxing Club of Sacramento for Best Team, they tied Clovis PAL with the most wins, four, but beat Clovis in heads up competition for the tie breaker. Best Boxer 17 & up was presented to David Ruiz of Parlier Boxing Club.  It was his 11 win in a row, keeping him undefeated at 11-0 Best Boxer 8-16 was awarded to 15 year old Luis Ambrosio of Fresno. Best Bout of the Night was awarded to nine year old Jose Luis Rodriguez of Orosi and eight year old Thorn Castellon of Madera. These two kids fought one heck of a fight that had the crowd on their feet most of the time.     ALEMAN BOXING FRESNO            

ALEMAN BOXING FRESNO   7/12/08 ALEMAN BOXING, 3 FIGHTS, 3 CHAMPIONS Hollister, CA – Saturday, Aleman Boxing traveled to Hollister CA and took three of there Junior boxers to compete in the Hollister Boxing Championships. Gary Salazar, Joe and Jasmine Chacon all came away with victories and championship belts!!!

2008.06.19 ALEMAN BOXING FRESNO: IRVINE Ballroom Battle Report! Highly regarding prospect Jose Roman, out of Jerome Boxing Club in Santa Ana was debuting before 150 of his fans, facing 18 year old Jorge Magallanes out of Aleman Boxing Fresno. A war is all you can say.  Magallanes landed hard shot after hard shot through out the first round.  As the jr lightweights came out for the second, Magallanes landed a perfect left hook knocking Roman to the floor.  Roman beat the count and once he gathered himself, was able to land a hard right that knocked down Magallanes late in the second round.  Roman finally stopped Magallanes in the forth round with ten seconds left. Both fighters split over $100 in fans cash.  2008.06.21 ALEMAN BOXING FRESNO: SAN FRANCISCO Luis Villagomez, Azbai Arreguin & Jasmine Chacon all fought at San Francisco’s Monster Park NEXT UP!!! This Saturday in Gilroy.

2008.06.07 ALEMAN BOXING FRESNO: GOES 2-1 LUIS VILLAGOMEZ & JASMINE CHACON BOTH STOP THEIR OPPONENTS IN MODESTO! Modesto, CA – Luis Villagomez won with another fourth round stoppage.  His opponent was Steven Rapadas of Sacramento.  Luis is on a five bout winning streak and has stopped his last two opponents.  14 year old Jasmine Chacon won by stopping the hometown girl of Modesto, in the second round! John Watts, in his 7th bout this year, lost by decision. Azbai Arreguin’s bout was cancelled when her opponent came in over weight by ten pounds. Luis Villagomez boxes again this Thursday, 6/12/08, in Sacramento against an opponent ranked in the top 5 of the nation.  Then all four of these boxers, Luis, Jasmine, John & Azbai are matched to box in San Francisco on June 21st. On the 21st in San Francisco, Luis Villagomez is scheduled to box someone in the top 5 of the nation again… ALEMAN BOXING FRESNO: PRO NEWS Heavyweight Clay Herzing will be making his pro debut this Friday in Reno, NV. Featherweight Jorge Magallanes will be making his pro debut next Thursday, June 19th in Irvine, CA.  These will be the first pro boxers of Aleman Boxing Fresno.     NEXT UP!!! TOMORROW IN SACRAMENTO!!! 6/12/08 LUIS VILLAGOMEZ WILL BE IN ACTION!!! FRIDAY IN RENO, PRO CLAY HERZING MAKING HIS PRO DEBUT!!! 6/13/08

2008.05.26 ALEMAN BOXING FRESNO: LUIS VILLAGOMEZ WINS IN CLOVIS! Clovis, CA – Luis Villagomez won the rematch with a fourth round stoppage of the Clovis boxer who got the unfair decision against him in the Golden Gloves tournament earlier this year.  John Watts & Gary lost very close decisions.   NEXT UP!!! SATURDAY IN DOS PALOS!!! 5/31/08

ALEMAN BOXING FRESNO GETS 2 WINS! Concord, CA – 18 year old, John Watts of Aleman Boxing, got his first win yesterday in Concord, CA.  He boxed Brandon Brooks of Yerington, NV. Luis Villagomez won a three round decision aginst Chris King of Sacramento. Jasmine Chacon’s bout was canceled.   NEXT UP!!! SATURDAY IN CLOVIS!!! 5/24/08 John, Luis, Gary & Azbai!!!   The bouts in Clovis will start at 2pm at Clovis North High School, 2770 E. International Info Clovis PAL: Officer Santillan – 559-593-5327  

2008.05.17 King City, CA   Luis Villagomez won his bout against the nations 4th ranked boxer from Clovis, Mike Ruiz.   John Watts lost a very close decision to his opponent.  It was his 4th bout in four months. He is the true road warrior! It was the third time boxing a opponent in their home town...       NEXT UP!!! TODAY IN CONCORD 5/21/08 John, Luis & Jasmine Chacon will be boxing TODAY in Concord, CA   THEN, SATURDAY IN CLOVIS!!! 5/24/08 John, Luis, Azbai & in his first bout, Josh Luna!!!


1. 5/03 Some of the team at the Oscar de la Hoya Fight.
2. 5/08 North-Central team in Santa Maria, Rancheros Visitadores victory against the Southern Cal 3-2.
3. 5/08 Luis before his victory in Santa Maria
4-8. 5/10 At the fights in Avenal
Luis Villagomez was ready to get into the ring, the 24th bout of the evening, after 5 hours of boxing the ring broke and the last match was called off.
Joe got his 3rd bout and Jasmine got her 2nd.
Gary Salazar won the Region 11 Junior Olympic Championship and was named the Outstanding Boxer of the Tournament

SATURDAY 5/17/08

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4/26/08, Saturday 2008 CCA Jr. Olympics in Jasmine 101LBS Jr Olympics CHAMPION!!!  

4/29/08, San Francisco: Tuesday Night Fights!!! In SF Tuesday, Luis Villagomez came away with the Best Bout of the night in very close loss. A rematch against Eric Altamirano is already set for May 21st in Concord, CA In his third fight in the past two months, John Watts loss a tough fight against a boxer from 3rd Street BC

Saturday Night at the Y in Fresno

Azbai and Joe stopped their opponents in less than two rounds.

Luis won a four round decision over his opponent who is ranked in the top 4 in the nation &  Jasmine and John just came up a little short in losing very close decisions.

It was supposed to be two boxers, Luis Villagomez and John Watts, competing today in Dinuba

representing Aleman Boxing Fresno today. But things happen funny in boxing, and john Watts opponent fell out. Stepping up to fill the void was one of our youngsters, 13 year old Joe Chacon!  Waking up this morning he had no idea he was going to fight, he just should up to watch his sister box,
but when Johns oppenent fell through and there was no one for his sister to box, he said he would step in
and compete if we could match him up.  We did and he stepped in the ring for his first bout against a boxer from Clovis.  He didnt win, but he
started his amateur boxing career with a strong showing.  In Aleman Boxing's second bout, Luis Villiagomez was successful in defeating Armondo Franco of Visalia in a four round bout. Luis started out strong and won the decision.  Look for all three of these boxers to compete in Fresno next Saturday at the YMCA.  Also to compete will be Azbai Arreguin and Jasmine Chacon, two of my female boxers.  Luis Villagomez, 19, a student at Fresno City College, won the 2008 CCA LB Championship. Luis started boxing as a young child at the age of 11. He has over 50 amateur bouts and had many successes in his carrier.  John Watts, 18, a student at Fresno City College, is a promising young boxer who had his first bout at the Golden Gloves in March 2008. He has a very good chance at copying his predecessors with multiple championships in his first year.  So far this year, 2008, we have competed in 4 competitions, the Central California Association (CCA) Local Boxing Championships, The Region 11 Championships, the CCA Golden Gloves Championships and The Region 11 Golden Glove Championships. We have won a CCA LB Championship, 1 CCA Golden Glove Championship and 1 Region 11 Golden Glove Championship.

Thanks for your Support!!!

Gabriel Burriel went on to win the Region 11 Golden Gloves Championship as well.
He had to pull out of the State championships due to a hand injury.

Daniel Zaragoza (born December 11, 1957, in Mexico City, Mexico) was a professional boxer. Known as
 "The Mouse," Zaragoza a popular champion in the super bantamweight division throughout the 1980s
 and 1990s.

Zaragoza turned pro in 1980 and in 1985 captured the vacant WBC bantamweight title with a disqualification victory over Freddie Jackson. He lost the title in his first defense to Miguel "Happy" Lora. The following year he moved up to super bantamweight and in 1988 captured the vacant WBC super bantamweight title with a knockout win over Carlos Zarate. After five successful defenses, he lost the belt to Paul Banke in 1990. The following year, Zaragoza regaind the belt with a split decision win over Kiyoshi Hatanaka. He went on to defend the belt twice before losing to Thierry Jacob. In his next two fights he battled newly crowned WBC super bantamweight titleholder Tracy Harris Patterson, drawing with Patterson in the first bout and losing by knockout in the second bout when the fight was stopped due to a cut. In 1995 he would yet again get another crack at the title, taking on Hector Acero Sanchez for the WBC super bantamweight title. The bout was ruled a draw, but Zaragoza fought a rematch with Sanchez later in the year and won the belt via split decision. He was able to defend the title four times before losing to then-undefeated Erik Morales in 1997, who knocked out Zaragoza in the 11th round. Zaragoza retired after the bout with a record of 55-8-3. He was inducted to the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2004.
Humberto Gonzalez (born March 25, 1966) is a Mexican former world boxing champion. Nicknamed Chiquita, he made many admirers during his professional boxing career. Female boxer Delia Gonzalez was one of them, nicknamed Chikita after Humberto.

Gonzalez made his professional boxing debut on September 1, 1984 in Mexico City with a four round decision win over Jorge Ortega. Little over three months later, he had his first knockout win, as he beat Narciso Perez in the first round. The win over Perez began a streak of 18 knockout wins in a row for Gonzalez, mostly against unknown Mexican opposition. The streak lasted until September 26, 1987, when he outpointed Mexican Jr. Flyweight champion Jorge Cano over 12 rounds to win the national title in Cancún. In 1988, he won four fights, all by knockout. He retained the national belt against Jose Luis Zepeda in six rounds at Tijuana, and Javier Vazquez, beaten in five at Mexico City. His next fight, on June 25, 1989, brought two firsts to his career: Celebrated in Chonju, South Korea, it was his first fight abroad. Being for the WBC world Jr. Flyweight championship, it was also his first world title try. Gonzalez outpointed world champion Yul-Woo Lee over 12 rounds to crown himself world champion. On December 9, he once again fought in South Korea, retaining his world championship against former world champion Jung Koo Chang by a decision in 12. In 1990, Gonzalez retained the title four times, but on December 19, he suffered a shocking defeat to Rolando Pascua, a boxer who was unknown to most boxing experts, in Inglewood. The knockout in round five suffered by Gonzalez that night cost him the world title. After a win in 1991, Gonzalez recovered the world title, by defeating the man who had taken the world championship away from Pascua: Melchor Cob Castro. Gonzalez and Castro met on June 3 at Las Vegas, and Gonzalez won a 12 round decision. In 1992, he retained the title four times, beating Castro in a rematch, Domingo Sosa and former world champion Napa Kiatwanchai among others. By then, talks about a superfight between him and IBF world champion Michael Carbajal were common among boxing fans. The fight, which came on March 13 of 1993, was the first million dollar fight in Jr. Flyweight boxing history (both fighters were guaranteed one million dollars in earnings) and also the first Jr. Flyweight fight in history to head a Pay Per View boxing card. In front of many Hollywood stars and thousands of fans at the arena, Gonzalez dropped Carbajal in rounds two and five, but Carbajal recovered to knock Gonzalez out in round seven. He finished the year with two ten round decision wins, including one against Pablo Tiznado, a boxer who also fought against Alex Sanchez. Carbajal and Gonzalez met in a rematch February 19, 1994 at Inglewood, and the second time around, Gonzalez became a three time world Jr. Flyweight champion by beating Carbajal by decision in 12. With that win, he joined an exclusive group of boxers who have been world champions three times or more in the same division, alongside such others as Muhammad Ali, Carlos De Leon, Evander Holyfield and Sugar Ray Robinson. Gonzalez won two more fights, one a non-title bout, and the other a title defense versus Juan Domingo Cordoba. Then, on November 12 of the same year, he and Carbajal had a rubber match, this time in Mexico City. Gonzalez once again prevailed, on points over 12 rounds. After retaining the title once in 1995, on July 15 of that year, he fought for the last time. Again, he dropped his rival, Saman Sorjaturong, a couple of times before being knocked out in round seven to lose his world title.

in a nearby future.

May 10, 1966) is a former boxer from California who currently works as a compubox technician for HBO Boxing and he has also worked on that area for ESPN. Hernandez, a Mexican-American, enjoyed a distinguished career as a professional boxer. His debut as a paid fighter came on September 27, 1984, when he beat Dino Ramirez by a decision in four rounds at Inglewood. He racked up a record of 13-0 with 6 knockouts, and a solid reputation as a future champion around Southern California, when he met former Julio César Chávez world title challenger Refugio Rojas on November 22, 1988. He beat Rojas, who had lasted seven rounds against Chávez, by a knockout in round six. This enabled Hernandez to enter the WBA Jr. Lightweight rankings. Hernandez then won seven more fights, four by knockout, including one over former world title challenger Felipe Orozco, and another one, his first professional fight abroad, a three round knockout over Leon Collins in Tokyo, Japan. Exactly two years after his win over Rojas, Hernandez got his first world title try, against Daniel Londas, on November 22 of 1991 at Epernay, France. Hernandez did not disappoint those who had predicted him to be a future world champion: He knocked out world champion Londas in nine rounds at Londas' hometown, becoming world Jr. Lightweight champion. In 1992, he retained the crown twice, knocking out Omar Catari in six rounds, and travelling to Japan once more, defeating challengers Masuaki Takeda and Yuji Watanabe, Takeda by decision and Watanabe by knockout in six. His next fight proved historic, albeit for the wrong reasons. Defending on April 26, 1993, once again at Inglewood against former world Featherweight champion Raul Perez, Hernandez had to settle for a first round technical draw. This was the first, and so far only, world title fight in which no punches were landed. Right after the initial bell, Perez headbutted Hernandez, and Perez bled profusely from an arteric vein on his forehead. The referee summoned the ring doctor, who decided the fight should be stopped, and Perez required immediate surgery. They had a rematch on June 28, and Hernandez retained the world title by a knockout in round eight. Hernandez closed the year by defeating Harold Warren by decision, once again, retaining the title. In 1994, Hernandez retained the title twice, including a victory over Jimmy Garcia, who would later die after a fight with Gabriel Ruelas. By the end of 1994, Hernandez was clamoring for a world title fight against crosstown rival, WBO world Lightweight champion Oscar de la Hoya. Hernandez began 1995 by beating another Mexican boxing legend, Jorge Maromero Paez, by a knockout in eight rounds at Inglewood. The Hernandez-Paez fight was overshadowed by another news that rattled the Hispanic world that day: It happened on the day that Selena Quintanilla was killed. Then, on September 9, the highly anticipated encounter between him and de la Hoya happened, at Las Vegas. Hernandez lost for the first time in his career, knocked out in six rounds by the younger, heavier de la Hoya. Up until the fight's end, the judges had de la Hoya holding a lead on all three scorecards. Hernandez laid off for a while, but his lay off it turned out to be a brief one, and by 1996, he was back inside the ring, winning two bouts that year. In 1997, he fought what almost turned into another controversial fight when he challenged Azumah Nelson for the WBC world Jr. Lightweight title, in Corpus Christi, Texas. Ahead on all scorecards at the end of rond seven, he was hit on his throat by a Nelson punch after the bell. He needed some time to recuperate, and WBC President José Sulaiman came to his corner and informed him that if he could not continue he would be declared winner by disqualification. But Hernandez said something on the line of I want to win it like real champions do, and he went back at the beginning of round eight, finally winning the world Jr. Lightweight title for a second time, defeating Nelson by split decision in twelve rounds. He defended this crown against such capable challengers as Anatoly Alexandrov, Carlos Gerena and future world champion Carlos Famoso Hernandez, a gymmate and personal friend who would later become El Salvador's first world boxing champion in history. In what would turn out to be his last fight, on October 3 of 1998, he lost the crown, to Floyd Mayweather Jr., by an 8th round retirement. In December of that year, after he was diagnosed with a blood clot and a torn cartilage muscle, he announced his retirement, with a record of 38 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw, 17 wins by knockout. He had intended to challenge WBC world Lightweight champion Cesar Bazan before the diagnoses. After ending his impressive career as a world class prize fighter, Hernandez opted to share his wealth of boxing knowledge with the next generation of fighters. Hernandez was a staple of the major cable television boxing shows during his days as world champion, fighting mainly on HBO Boxing and Pay Per View fights. He is a generally well liked member of the Hispanic community in the United States, and many boxing fans advocate for him to become a member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame

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