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Jan 2012
01.06-08 US Western Regional Silver Gloves
01.28       CCA Locals/US NationalChampionships

Feb 2012
02.04       Region 11/US NationalChampionships

02.01-04 National Silver Gloves
02.11       CCA Golden Gloves
02.18       Aleman Boxing Fresno Show
02.26-03.03 US National Championships/Olympic Trials

Mar 2012
03.08       Stockton Fight Night!
03.17       Salinas Rock Show
03.31       CA Golden Gloves

Apr 2012
04.??       Oxnard PAL AdidasChampionships
04.28-29 CCA JO's
04.28-05.05 National Golden Gloves

May 2012
05.12       Region 11 JO's

June 2012
06.02       Salinas ROCK

July 2012
07.07       Fresno PAL US Independence DayBoxing Championships
07.??       International Desert Showdown
07.17-21 National Jr Golden Gloves

07.28-08.12 London 2012Olympic Games

07.30-08.05 RingsideWorld Championships (Kansas City)

Sept 2012
09.15       Fresno PAL MEXICANIndependence Day Boxing Championships
09.28-29 Bakersfield Slugg-Fest

Oct 2012
10.20-21 Tulare Manuel Torrez Classic

Nov 201211.3-4      CCA Silver Gloves
11.17       Aleman Boxing Fresno Show

Dec 2012

12.01-02 CA Silver Gloves

Pasts Shows
Saturday, February 19, 2011
Aleman Boxing Show 9 in Parlier on SaturdayThis Saturday, Feb 19, 2011 Aleman Boxing will host theAleman Boxing Show 9 in Parlier, CA.
This isthe second time the Fresno based gym is hosting a show in Parlier and teams areexpected to come from as far away as Canada. The show will start at 2pm andtickets cost $15. There will be up to 25 exciting amateur boxing matches andthat's up to 5 hours of action!!!
AlemanBoxing Team will be in action along with teams from Hanford BC, Parlier BC,Fresno PAL, Perez BC in Selma, Visalia PAL, Orosi, Bakersfield, Salinas,Gilroy, Vancouver, Corona BC, Richard Steele's BC in Las Vegas, Sanger PAL,Clovis Vipers, Tulare, Stockton, Delhi, Valijo, Mendota, Firebaugh & SanFrancisco.
In aspecial feature bout: Fresno Police Officer Lindsay Dozier will be inaction in a woman's bout vs. Ofelia Sandoval of Fresno's AKA.  AlemanBoxing Fresno is a non-profit organization and all money raised goes to theamateur boxing team for their travels and equipment. The show will be at the Parlier Boxing Gym. 745Tulare Street, Parlier CA 93648.

Saturday, April 9, 2011
Aleman Boxing Fresno presents
Saturday, April 9, 2011 at the Aleman Boxing Fresno Gym
1229 N Sierra Vista Ave Fresno CA 93703
Weigh-ins 8-10am and Show starts @ 1pm
15 exciting bouts between teams from all over California!
July 2nd
Aleman Boxing Fresno presents
US Independence Day Championships

Saturday, February 20, 2010
     The first CCA show of 2010 was a huge success over 1000 people
     showed up to see 28 amateur boxing matches (5 1/2 hours of boxing).

Saturday, April 17, 2010
     US Men's & Women's
     Central California Association Championships
Winners advance to the Region 11 Championships,
          where winners advance to US National Championships in Colorado    Springs,
          where winners advance to US Olympic Trials!!!
               (Also will be some kids matches)

Saturday, July 3, 2010
USA Independence Day Boxing Championships
     Originally schegualed to be held at the Manchester Center
     we had to move this show to the Parlier Boxing Gym in Parlier
     the day before the show, when the City of Fresno
     decided to place to many restrictions on the event.
Saturday, November 20, 2010

     Up to 30 bouts at our Aleman Boxing Fresno Gym
     The corner of Olive and Sierra Vista


FEBRUARY 21, 2009


JUNE 20, 2009
     The 3rd Annual "WAR at the FULTON!"
     860 Fulton Mall - weigh-in 9-11am Show 2pm

SEPTEMBER 12, 2009

July 21, 2008
     We had our first show on July 19, 2008.  Held at theBuhawe MMA Camp in
     Fresno CA.  We sold out a show that had 25 fights onthe card!

To handle at least four amateur shows a year, One pro show a year to start and to begin a pro stable for Aleman Boxing.

Call me for match-ups, Frank Aleman - (559) 905-7125 or

Fresno – In front of a sold out audience of 300, Aleman Boxing Fresno’s Rene Aleman, 14 years old 106 lbs, won the main event of the 27 bout card Saturday at the Aleman Boxing Show over Juan Castellano of Lindsey with a three round decision.  Also representing Aleman’s 11 year old Lorraine Cisneros , 80 lbs, won a three round decision over Fresno Velarde’s Ariana Diaz and Kevin Mendoza, 11 year old 70 lbs, won a three round decision over Fresno Main Events Elian Lua.  Fresno PAL’s Jose Martinez, Isidro Ochoa and Marc Castro also won amateur boxing matches on Saturday.  The Aleman Boxing Fresno team will next be in action at the McDermott Field House in Lindsey next Saturday.

Aleman Boxing Show:  Nov 19th  
Bout 1 CCA Silver Gloves Semi-final boys 10-11 yr old 70 lbs Braulio Jimenez (Madtown Madera) dec. over Diego Escobar (Stockton PYA)      
Bout 2 CCA Silver Gloves Semi-final boys 10-11 yr old 70 lbs Jose Martinez (Fresno PAL) dec. over Jorge Ruiz (Aleman)    
Bout 3 CCA Silver Gloves Final boys 12-13 yr old  106 lbs Efrain Vazquez (Bakersfield PAL) dec. over Juan Medrano (Northside Visalia)  
Bout 4 CCA Silver Gloves Final boys 12-13yr 80 lbs Marc Castro (Fresno PAL) dec. over Allen Medina Jr (Valley Vipers Clovis)  
Bout 5 CCA Silver Gloves Final boys 12-13yr 85 lbs Roberto Casio (Main Event Fresno) dec over Jacob Marquez (Arvin BC)  
Bout 6 CCA Silver Gloves Final boys 12-13yr 95 lbs Brya Lua (Main Event Fresno) dec. over Jacob Flores (Parlier BC)  
Bout 7 CCA Silver Gloves Final boys 14-15yr 95 lbs David Fuentes (Madtown Madera) dec. over Pedro Medrano (Backyard Salinas)  
Bout 8 CCA Silver Gloves Final boys 14-15yr 100lbs Caleb Ayon (Shafter) dec. over Fernando Rangel (McDerment Lindsey)  
Bout 9 CCA Silver Gloves Final boys 14-15yr 119 lbs Efren Lopez (Main Event Fresno) dec. over Pedro Meza (Sanger PAL)  
Bout 10  boys 15yrs 100 lbs Brandon Tapia (Bakersfield PAL) dec. over Conrad Rendon (Aleman)  
Bout 11boys13yr 83 lbs Fernando Venegas (Blood Hounds Sacramento) dec. over Ivan Varela (McDermont Lindsay)  
Bout 12 boys 11yr 80 lbs Gabriel Flores (Los Gallos Stockton) dec. over Osmel Avila (Aleman)  
Bout 13 mens 176 lbs Aram Martinez (Modesto PAL) dec. over Daniel Flores (Sanger PAL)  
Bout 14 girls 10 yr old 80 lbs Lorraine Cisneros (Aleman) dec. over Ariana Diaz (Fresno PAL)      
Bout 15 girls 9yrs old 55lbs Atiana Edwards (Northside Visalia) dec. over Destiny Nino (Felip Lathrop)       
Bout 16 mens 225 lbs Michael Landers (Chowchilla PAL) dec. over Roberto Trujillo(Hanford BC)      
Bout 17 boys 11yrs 68 lbs Kevin Mendoza (Aleman) dec. over Elian Lua (Main Event Fresno)  
Bout 18 mens 132 lbs Anthony Smith (Velarde Fresno) dec. over Miguel Velazauez (Modesto PAL)       
Bout 19  boys 10yrs 75lbs Santino Corona (Casa de Campeones Stockton) dec. over Aspen Bandaphone (Aleman)  
Bout 20 boys 12 yrs 87lbs Marcus Cuiriz (Valley Viper Clovis) dec. over Jose Rodriguez (Cen Valley Orosi)     
Bout 21 boys 16yr 87 lbs Isidro Ochoa (Fresno PAL) dec. over Brent Venegas (Blood Hounds Sacramento)      
Bout 22 mens 156.2 Antonio Hernandez (Madtown Madera) dec. over Heriberto Rodriguez (McDerment Lindsay)     
Bout 23 mens 146 lbs Javier Cecilio (Verlarde Fresno) dec. over Jonathan Garcia (Bulldog Hollister)    
Bout 24 boys 96 lbs Thorn Castellon (Golden State Madera) dec. over Jesus Corona (Northside Visalia)         
Bout 25 boys 15yrs 120.8 lbs Jose Torres (Velarde Fresno) dec. over Santiago Esquivel (Bulldog Hollister)          
Bout 26  boys 9 yrs    62.4 lbs Oscar Arias (Bulldog Hollister) dec. over Diego Holguin (Sanger PAL)  
Bout 27 boys 13yr 105 lbs Rene Aleman  (Aleman) dec.  over Juan Castellano (McDermont Lindsay)       

Fresno – Aleman Boxing Fresno had three wins today at the Mexican Independence Day Boxing Championships.  Jett Blackwell of Aleman’s won over Jose Bravo  of Vayo con Dios Tulare in the 10-11 year old 120 lbs division.  Aleman’s Aspen Bandaphone won his first match of his amateur career over Madera’s Jonathon Vazquez in the 10-11 year old 70 pound division and Aleman’s Lorraine Cisneros defeated Michelle Garcia of the Sanger PAL in a girls 9-10 year old 80 lbs division.  Fresno PAL’s Moises Maciel 17 year old defeated Anthony Smith 19 year old of Fresno in a Men’s open 135 pound division match. Aleman Boxing Fresno will next host a boxing match November 19th in Fresno.  

Bout 1 Men’s 110 Victor Torres (Modesto PAL) dec. over Jordan Soliz (Aleman Boxing Fresno)
Bout 2 Boy’s 12-13 year old, 70 lbs. Efrain Vazquez ( Bakersfield PAL) dec. over Juan Castellano (Lindsey)
Bout 3 Boy’s 10 year old 70 lbs. Diego Escobar (Stockton PYA) dec. over Kevin Mendoza (Aleman Boxing Fresno)
Bout 4 Men’s 154 lbs Fredy Ruiz (Salinas BC) RSC over Heriberto Rodriguez (Lindsey)
Bout 5 Boy’s 118 lbs Pedro Meza (Sanger PAL) dec. over Manuel Del La Torre (Stockton PYA)
Bout 6 Boy’s 10 year old 70 lbs Jose Martinez (Fresno PAL) dec. over Jorge Ruiz (Aleman Boxing Fresno)
Bout 7 Boy’s 13-14 year old 95 lbs Ivan Varela (Lindsey) dec. over Nathan Gomez (Arvin BC)
Bout 8 Boy’s 10-11 year old 75 lbs Santino Corona (Stockton) dec. over Raied Alamari (Madera)
Bout 9 Boy’s 10-11 120 lbs Jett Blackwell (Aleman Boxing Fresno) dec. over Jose Bravo (Vaya con Dios Tulare)
Bout 10 Boy’s 15-16 120 lbs Nestor Varela (Lindsey) dec. over Matthew Guerrero (Lathrop)
Bout 11 Boy’s 13-14 year old 100 lbs Fernando Randel (Lindsey) dec. over Rene Aleman (Aleman Boxing Fresno)
Bout 12 Boy’s 14 year old 115 lbs Emmanuel Castillo (Lathrop) dec. over Anthony Banda (Firebaugh)
Bout 13 Boy’s 10-11 year old 70 lbs Aspen Bandaphone (Aleman Boxing Fresno) dec. over Jonathon Vazquez (Madera)
Bout 14 Boy’s 16-17 year old 165 lbs Fernando Mendoza (Madera) dec. over Swayne Mason (LA Boxing Fresno)
Bout 15 Boy’s 14-15 year old 100 lbs Mario Arroyo (Stockton) dec. over Conrad Rendon (Aleman Boxing Fresno)
Bout 16 Men’s 135 lbs Moises Maciel (Fresno PAL) dec. over Anthony Smith (Fresno)
Bout 17 Men’s 150 lbs Osvaldo Carraso (Tulare) RET over. Angel Lopez (Aleman Boxing Fresno)
Bout 18 Boy’s 11-12 year old 95 lbs Thorn Castellon (Madera) dec. over Jacob Florez (Parlier)
Bout 19 Girl’s 9-10 80 lbs Lorraine Cisneros (Aleman Boxing Fresno) dec. over Michelle Garica (Sanger PAL)

Fresno – Saturday here in Fresno Aleman Boxing hosted the US Independence Day Boxing Championships were teams from all over California came to compete.  However the main event of the show was The Battle of Fresno in which the Fresno PAL’s 17 year old Moises Maciel boxed against Aleman Boxing Fresno’s 18 year old Hilario Guerrero in a three round 141 pound Men’s open division match.  The match turned out to be the best bout of the show too, as Aleman’s Guerrero out boxed Maciel for the win.  Four other Aleman Boxers scored wins Saturday: Lorraine Cisneros, Kevin Mendoza, Jett Blackwell and Rene Aleman.  The show had 15 amateur boxing matches and featured boxers from Fresno, Sacramento, San Francisco, Lindsey, Madera, Tulare & more. The show was a fund raiser for the teams up coming trip to the National Jr Golden Gloves in Mesquite NV later this month. The next amateur boxing show Aleman Boxing Fresno hosts will be the September 17th Mexican Independence Day Boxing Championships.  

Aleman Boxing Fresno US Independence Day Boxing Championships
Bout 1) 9 year olds 83 lbs division Anthony Vaca – Madera dec. over Osmel Avila – Aleman Fresno
Bout 2) 8 year old 60 lbs female division Lela Gutierrez – Sacramento dec. over Atiana Edwards – Visalia
Bout 3) 9-10 year old 80 lbs female division Lorraine Cisneros – Aleman Fresno dec. over Michelle Garcia – Sanger PAL
Bout 4) 10-11 year old 70 lbs division Alejandro Cosio – Madera dec. over Mario Lopez – San Francisco
Bout 5) 10 year old 70 lbs division Kevin Mendoza – Aleman Fresno dec. over Vincent Avina – Stockton
Bout 6) 14-15 135 lbs Christian Franco – San Francisco dec. over Oscar Medrano – Visalia
Bout 7) 8-9 62 lbs Jesse Lujano – San Francisco dec. over Gilbert Arredondo – Tulare
Bout 8) 9-10 70 lbs Braulio Jimenez – Madera dec. over Jorge Ruiz – Aleman Fresno
Bout 9) 10-11 113 lbs Jett Blackwell – Aleman Fresno dec. over Jose Bravo – Tulare
Bout 10) 11-13 95 lbs female Caroline Riojas – Fresno PAL dec. over Alyssa Baylon AKA Fresno
Bout 11) 12-13 97 lbs Rene Aleman – Aleman Fresno dec. over Jesus Corona – Visalia
Bout 12) 17 & up 117 lbs female Ofelia Sandoval – AKA Fresno dec. over Iloa Medina – Tulare
Bout 13) 13-14 96 lbs Ivan Varela – Lindsey dec. over Conrad Rendon – Aleman Fresno
Bout 14) 10 year old 70 lbs Jose Martinez – Fresno PAL dec. over Gilberto Mendoza – Madera
Bout 15) 17 & up 141 lbs Hilario Guerrero – Aleman Fresno dec. over Moises Maciel – Fresno PAL

April 9th
Aleman Boxing Fresno presents
Saturday, April 9, 2011 at the Aleman Boxing Fresno Gym
1229 N Sierra Vista Ave Fresno CA 93703
Weigh-ins 8-10am and Show starts @ 1pm
15 exciting bouts between teams from all over California!

Fresno - Saturday afternoon Central California's boxing seen was centered around Aleman Boxing Fresno!
The main event was won by Jesus Sanchez of Golden State Madera boxing club over Hilario Guerrero of Aleman's by a three round decision. Aleman Boxing Fresno's 13 year old Rene Aleman won a three round decision over Lindsey's Ivan Varela. Former world champion Hector Lizarraga was on hand to watch the show that had 17 amateur boxing matches with teams as far as Salinas, Stockton & Bakersfield.  The Aleman Boxing Fresno team will next be participating in this Saturday's boxing show in Parlier CA.


Parlier, CA – It was a great day of boxing today in front of 600 people in attendance at the Aleman Boxing Show in Parlier.  Amateur boxing teams from all over California and Nevada converged on the small town to match up and see who the best was this day.  Two boxers from the Aleman Boxing team won, Phillip Fuentes, 26 years old won by first round knockout over Eric Delgado of Hollister and 13 year old Rene Aleman earned a three round decision over Nathan Gomez of Bakersfield.  Jett Blackwell of Aleman Boxing Fresno lost a very close decision to Visalia’s Felix Montemayor.  In the main-event of the evening, Ofelia Sandoval of Fresno won over Fresno police officer Lindsay Dozier in a three round decision and this women’s bout was also awarded the best bout of the evening.  The show had a total of 17 bouts and the next Aleman Boxing Show will be in Fresno on April 30th The U.S. Men’s Region 11 Championships that lead to a 2012 Olympic Trials qualifying tournament.   The total Results of the Aleman Boxing Show 9

Bout 1, 9-10 year olds 83 lbs Anthony Vaca (Madtown Madera) dec. over Christian Carbullido (Las Vegas)
Bout 2, 9-10 year olds 63 lbs Samuel Moreno (Arbuckle, CA) dec. over Oscar Arias (Hollister)
Bout 3, 9-10 year olds 70 lbs Destiny Ruiz (Las Vegas) dec. over Ariana Diaz (Fresno PAL)
Bout 4, 8 year olds 81 lbs Michelle Garcia (Sanger PAL) dec. over Edith Valdez (Arbuckle, CA)
Bout 5, 12 year old 88 lbs Jesus Corona (Visalia) dec. over Georde Olivas (Las Vegas)
Bout 6, 9 year old 58 lbs Jihad Tayeh (Vallejo) dec. over Angel Alfaro (Salinas)
Bout 7, 12-13 year old 90 lbs Rene Aleman (Aleman Fresno) dec. over Nathan Gomez (Bakersfield)
Bout 8, 13 year old 109 lbs Pedro Meza (Sanger PAL) dec. over Anthony Banda (Firebaugh)
Bout 9, 11-12 year old 77 lbs Jacob Marquez (Bakersfield) dec. over Jose Rodriguez (Orosi)
Bout 10, 15-16 year old 140 lbs Jose Alvaro (Mendota) dec. over Moise Macial (Fresno PAL)
Bout 11, 11 year old 74 lbs Marc Castro (Calwa) dec. over Angel Cordon (Concord)
Bout 12, 10-11 year old 88 lbs Thorn Castellon (Madera) dec. over Nicholas Bueno (Tulare)
Bout 13, 13-14 year old 113 lbs Oscar Serrano (Parlier) dec. over Giovanni Navarrete (Madera)
Bout 14, 17-34 year old 137 lbs Phillip Fuentes (Aleman Fresno) KO over Eric Delgado (Hollister)
Bout 15, 10-11 year old 70 lbs Carlos Ortiz (Orosi) dec. over Braulio Jimenez (Madtown Madera)
Bout 16, 9-10 year old 110 lbs Felix Montemayor (Visalia PAL) dec. over Jett Blackwell (Aleman Fresno)
Bout 17, 17-34 year old 121 lbs Ofelia Sandoval (Fresno) dec. over Lindsay Dozier (Fresno PD)

Boxing in the Neighborhood

This Saturday, November 20th, Aleman Boxing Fresno will be hosting a amateur
boxing  show at their gym.

There will be up to 30 amateur boxing matches including some Central Cal Silver
Gloves tournament finals.
Teams from all  over California, Nevada, Arizona and Washington will be

That's over 5 hours of live boxing!
Tickets are $15 and $25 and all money raised goes to the Aleman Boxing Fresno
amateur boxing team for their travels and training.

The show starts at 1pm and the gym is located at1229 N Sierra Vista Ave in
southeast Fresno.
Contact Frank Aleman for details.


Fresno - The amateur boxing show previously set for Manchester Center has been moved to the Parlier Boxing Gym at 735 Tulare St., Parlier, CA 93648.

The City of Fresno has set restrictions one day before the  show making it impossible to go on. 

Aleman Boxing Fresno hosts a big amateur boxing show this weekend as teams from all over California and Nevada meet up on Saturday at the US Independence Day Boxing Championships held in Parlier CA. The show starts at 4pm with kids as young as 8 and adults competing in 25 bouts.  Donations of $10 will be asked for at the door and kids younger than 8 will be free.  All money raised goes to Aleman's non-profit amateur boxing club.

Special guest Fresno's former World Champion Hector Lizarraga and Fresno's current US Champion Gary Salazar will be signing autographs. 

This may be the last boxing show held at Manchester Center because the City of Fresno will not be allowing them in future without very large fees and the lack of sponsors.





Thank you for your support of Aleman Boxing Fresno 

Tomorrow, April 17, 2010 Aleman Boxing Fresno is hosting the U.S. Men’s & Women’s Central California Association Local Boxing Championships at Fresno’s Manchester Center.  The winners of this tournament will battle for the Region 11 Championships (which is where the Northern Cal Champ vs. Central Cal Champ) in June.  The Region 11 Champion will then travel to Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center to compete in the2010 US Men’s & Women’s National Amateur Boxing Championships in July.  This is the most important yearly tournament for USA Boxers and this year the tournament is a qualifier for the US Olympic Trials. It all starts here in Fresno for local boxers. 

Some of the boxers competing will be: Aleman Boxing Fresno’s John Watts, 20 years old, who is competing at 178 lbs. Fresno’s Luis Ambrosio, a 17 year old boxer who earned a bronze medal at the US National Jr. Olympics in 2008.  He now moves into the Men’s 123 lbs. division.  Depending on the tournament draw, he may be competing against another 123 pounder, Roman Morales of San Ardo, CA.  Morales won the US Men’s National Championship in 2008 and looks to repeat his great feat.  Another local boxer is Clovis’ Paul Cano.  Paul is this years 2010California State Golden Glove Champion and he will be traveling to Little Rock, Arkansas in May to compete in the National Golden Gloves Championships.  But first, Cano will try to advance in this tournament.  Cano competes in the 152 lbs. division.  Jose Ramirez is a two time National Jr. Olympic gold medalist.  He now moves in to the Men’s 132 lbs. division and looks to continue his championship ways.  On the undercard, many of tomorrow’s contenders will be matched up and one includes Aleman Boxing Fresno’s own Gary Salazar who will be matched up against Kenny Davis of Reno.  The 15 year old, back to back National Silver Gloves Champion is looking forward to competing in his home town again. 

The show will have a special feature of dancers starting at 3pm that includes the Roosevelt Mexican Folklorico Dancers and some hip-hop dancers will follow.  Then boxing will start at 4pm.  There will be undercard bouts of kids and young adults who do not qualify for the tournament, then the Men & Women will be battle for there chance to advance as Central California Champions.  Expect boxing matches to last as late as 9pm. 

More than 800 people came out to see our last amateur boxing show in February and many more are expected at these championships. 

Tickets will be available at the door for only $10.  All money raised goes to Aleman Boxing Fresno’s amateur boxing club.  

Please come out to support and spread the word.  Thank you again.  See you at the fights! US Men’s & Womens’s CCA ChampionshipsFresno’s Manchester Center

(In the old Gottscholks Building)

1901 E Shields Ave, Fresno CA 93726

Weigh ins: 9am-12noon Show: 3pm

2010/02/20 Aleman Boxing Show

Fresno, CA – Aleman Boxing Fresno is having an amateur boxing show this Saturday, February 20, 2010 at 4pm in the Manchester Center shopping mall in Fresno.  Boxing teams from all over California, Nevada and Arizona will be competing in the 25 bout show. 
Two of the featured bouts include: Hilario Gurrero of Aleman Boxing vs. Edgar Sanchez of Orosi in a men’s open 141 pound bout and Ariana Diaz of Sanger PAL vs. Destiny Diaz of Las Vegas in a 8-9 year old girls 60 pound bout. 
Special Guest of the event will be Gary Salazar of Aleman Boxing, two time National Silver Gloves Champion and Hector Lizarraga of Fresno, former Professional Featherweight World Champion.  Tickets will be available at the door and are only $10.  All money goes to pay for Salazar’s national championship trip.  
Manchester Center Shopping Mall
Saturday, Feb. 20, 2010
4pm – 9pm

Saturday, September 12, 2009
25 Exciting Amateur Boxing Matches
Live at Manchester Center starting at 3pm and lasting till 8pm


Aleman Boxing Fresno presents The 2009 Mexican Independence Day Boxing Championships at the Manchester Center on Saturday, September 12, 2009 starting at 3pm and lasting till 8pm after 25 amateur matches are complete.  Amateur boxing teams from all over California will be attending this show and some of the nations best boxers will be in Fresno.
Fresno’s own Gary Salazar and Mikey Ruiz are scheduled to box.  Both of Aleman Boxing Fresno and both top ranked boxers, Gary number one in the nation and Mikey number two in the nation. 
General admission will be $10 and all money raised will go towards taking kids to different tournaments around the country & new equipment for kids.  So far this year, Aleman Boxing Fresno boxers have traveled up and down California, Nevada, Missouri, Utah & Colorado for different competitions. 
Help Support Aleman Boxing Fresno’s Amateur Team by coming out to watch this day.

Many of our trips and shows we have went to are at this link     Many videos of our bouts and news clips are at this link    

June 20, 2009
Aleman Boxing Fresno Presents
The 3rd Annual
"WAR at the FULTON"
860 Fulton Mall
weigh-in 9-11am
Show start 2pm


Aleman Boxing Fresno presents The 3rd Annual WAR at the FULTON  
18 exciting amateur boxing matches at the Fresno Fulton Discount Mall,
Saturday, June 19, 2009 at 2 pm – 6pm.  
Aleman Boxing Fresno’s own Gary Salazar, the 2009 National Silver Gloves Champion will be featured in the main event.  Teams from all over California and Nevada will be competing tomorrow.   

Feb. 21, 2009

A sell out show at our gym.

2/19/09 Fresno - Aleman Boxing Fresno: Boxing Club & Fitness Center will be holding the very first 2009 amateur boxing show of Fresno this Saturday, February 21. 

The Show will include 2009 National Silver Gloves Champion Gary Salazar as well as a number of other members of the Aleman Boxing Team making their amateur boxing debut.  The Show will start at 3pm and have as much as 25 bouts, that’s six hours of boxing!  Teams from all over California are expected. 

Also included in the show will be semi-finals and finals of the Central Cal. Golden Gloves tournament. 

Ring Legends and former world champions Bobby Chacon & Hector Lizarraga will be in attendance

Tickets are as low as $10 and ringside seats are $25.  Aleman Boxing Fresno is located at 1229 N Sierra Vista Ave.    

July 19, 2008

Our first show was a sell out, held at the Buhawe MMA Camp

@  The Buhawe MMA Camp 6649 N Blackstone Ave , Fresno CA 93720 Blackstone/Herndon Presented by ALEMAN BOXING FRESNO

July 19, 2008

California ’s finest amateur boxers are gathering to showcase their talents!!!
$10 gets you in to see up to five hours of boxing!

Money raised from this event will be used to send Aleman Fresno Amateur Boxing Team to the State PAL Championships in August and the PAL National Championships in October.

Moneys raised from this event will also be used to continue our amateur program that we offer free to kids 8-19 years old…  

Please come out to support this show…

Open Champions

The Youngsters
The Youngsters

Guadalupe "El Dragon" Acosta


Frank Jesus Aleman's pro debut.



Everado "Evi" Torres was murdered
Oct. 30, 2002
By Madera Police Officer Marcy Notiega.